100 - 150 people
only £350 
2x 75 piece Indian platter
25 x Onion Bhajis, 25 x Vegetable Samosas,
25 x Vegetable Pakoras
2x 75 piece Chinese platter
20 x Sweet & Sour Money Bags, 20 x Vegetable Spring Rolls,
20 x Prawn Toast & 15 x Prawn Wontons
Cocktail Sausage platter
Approximately 120 cocktail sausages
Sausage roll platter
Approximately 132 sausage rolls
Pork Pie platter
32 x with mustard dip & 32x with pickle dip
32x plane
Chicken Goujon platter
15x with sweet chilli dip 15x bbq dip & 15x origina
Pizza platter
Selection of mixed mini pizzas
Mixed crisp platter
Selection of crisps & dips
Chicken skewer platter
36x bbq chicken skewers
Chicken satay platter
50x chicken satay’s
 Large Mixed mini wrap platter
Selection of mini wraps
Chicken, ham & chicken tikka, salad
Duck roll platter
40x mini duck spring rolls
Rolled ham platter
a platter of freshly rolled ham
Rolled beef salad platter
Top side beef rolled in salad
French stick platter
Thick sliced French stick served with butte
Pasta dish
Tomato & herb pasta
Coleslaw & potato salad
Mini chicken bites
Mini bite size chicken korma, tikka, bbq, & plane
Sandwich platters 
4x trays of mixed sandwiches on white and brown bread
Platters may be changed for your catering needs but may be extra 
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